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Reviews for NutriJen, Nutritional Therapist in Braintree

What my clients sayFatigue and digestive issues...

"I came to Jennifer suffering from fatigue and digestive issues, as well as an inability to gain weight (many people do not view this as a problem, but it can be equally detrimental to health as obesity). I found Jennifer to be a sympathetic listener who was never judgmental and always provided very kind, informative and sensitive guidance. She recommended a hormone test to check my adrenal levels (affecting blood sugar and energy), which revealed some imbalances. From this, she was able to tailor a diet plan and supplement programme. A similar process was followed to tackle my digestive complaints, and she also suggested a muscle-building exercise programme, amongst other things, to promote weight gain.

All her advice and tips were easy to introduce into daily life, the idea being that small changes add up to big ones. Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and systematic in her approach: she was able to draw together all the different strands of my problems and focus on specific areas at the appropriate time - no mean feat, considering how interconnected the body's systems are and how one can have a knock-on effect on another. After a few months with Jennifer, having by then moved away from the area, I had more energy and my digestive discomfort had eased considerably. I had also succeeded in gaining more weight, although this continues to be something to work on. However, Jennifer has given me all the tools and information I need to keep progressing, and I continue to implement her suggestions. I am very grateful!"

What my clients sayNutritional information...

"Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for your expertise and help over the last few months.

I wouldn't have been able to achieve such improvements in my health without the detailed nutritional information and advice you provided.

You certainly know your stuff!
Thanks again, Jon"

What my clients sayHistamine and Light sensitivity

"It's fantastic - like being reborn"

To read the amazing story that prompted this comment please take a look at my blog post and the case study in CAM magazine. CLICK HERE!

What my clients sayBalancing hormones...

"For years I have suffered with severe headaches and bloating around my 'time of the month' and my New Years resolution this year was to DO something about it, though I wasn't quite sure what.

I saw the advert for 'Nutrijen' which mentioned that nutrition could help with balancing hormones so I thought I would give it a try... well I am SO glad that I did!

The results have been truly life changing! I had a very thorough consultation with Jen, who was fantastic. She really listened to what my issues were and provided me with clear guidance on tweaks I could make in my diet to make a difference.

Having looked at my food diary she identified the nutrients I was likely to be lacking and explained very clearly why making these adjustments to my diet would help. She gave great consideration to the fact I am a vegetarian and provided me with a much more appropriate supplement than I have been taking, which it turns out was next to useless for my needs!

Four months in and I can confirm that my symptoms have gone completely. I can't quite believe the difference this has made to my life. And those around me as they don't have to listen to me moan! I have much more energy and feel I now know how to achieve optimal health on a vegetarian diet.

I cannot recommend Jen enough, she really REALLY knows her stuff! Thanks Jen!"

What my clients sayChanging eating habits...

"I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and needed help to change my eating habits.

I had two appointments with Jennifer. We talked about my lifestyle and what I needed to change in order to achieve a healthy balanced diet for my bone density. She introduced me to specialised exercises for bone strength and the correct supplements that my diet was lacking.

I have gradually changed some bad eating habits and implemented more of her suggestions for my health and wellbeing.

I would highly recommend a visit to Jennifer for her expertise in this field"

NutriJen Health & Nutrition

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