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The Benefits of Working with a Nutritional Therapist

Life's niggles

Are you really healthy??

Many people that I see don't have any diagnosed medical conditions - in fact many seek help because the GP's have told them that there is nothing wrong, all tests are normal. However, they are are not feeling 100 %. They have what I call niggles, those symptoms that they put up with but stop them from feeling their best. The most common ones that I see are:

  • low energy
  • inability to lose weight or weight gain
  • hormonal problems - PMS, menopause
  • poor sleep
  • aching joints
  • digestive complaints - bloating, constipation, diarrhoea

Sometimes people are so used to feeling like this that they no longer register them as problems, they are just part of who they are, or they put them down to getting older.

But this shouldn't be the case, yes biological changes take place as we age but this doesn't mean we can't be healthy and as symptom free as possible.

I can help you to make simple adjustments to diet and lifestyle that may address these niggles and set you on the path to feeling good.

Weight loss

Are you finding that diets no longer work for you?

Is losing weight a battle that you are not winning? Do you know that you need to eat better but don't know where to start? - After all there is so much conflicting advice in the media.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I can help you to learn how to eat right for you to lose weight as well as addressing any underlying issues (digestive or hormonal for example) that may be making weight loss difficult.

I can support you in losing weight in a sustainable manner considering your own individual needs, taking into account your own food likes and dislikes, lifestyle factors and goals.

It is not a quick fix diet, it is re-assessing the way you eat for life providing your body with the nutrients it needs to nourish itself. You may also find that your energy increases, sleep improves and some of those aches and pains go away.



Are you bloated? Constipated? Are you fed up and embarrassed?

Do you know that certain foods don't agree with you?

Digestive health is crucial for overall health and well being, what you feed yourself is important but if you are not digesting food properly and absorbing those nutrients you may have deficiencies that result in poor health.

Poor food choices may also affect the bacterial balance in the gut. More and more is being understood about the connection between gut health and overall health; links are being made between the gut microflora and brain health, skin conditions and fatigue to name a few.

Digestive disorders (nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pain, food sensitivities, auto immune conditions) are more common than you think and yet it is possible to make dietary changes to help alleviate symptoms.

I can assess your gut health using a combination of history taking and functional testing to identify the areas that need addressing, whether that is eliminating certain foods or rebalancing gut microflora for example.


Insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes

Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes?

Risk increases with:

  • Age
  • Having a family member, parent, sibling, or child, with diabetes
  • Being of South Asian, African-Caribbean, or Black African descent.
  • If you’ve ever had high blood pressure.
  • f you’re carrying extra weight, especially weight around your middle.

Insulin resistance and diabetes have been steadily increasing over the past few decades and they are strongly influenced by diet and lifestyle factors. Once thought of as a disease of the elderly there are now around 7000 people under the age of 25 with type 2 diabetes in the UK

Simply put type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is no longer responding to insulin, this may be a slow process that takes years to occur and is preceeded by a stage of insulin resistance.

When foods high in carbohydrate are eaten there is a rise in insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas in order to remove sugar from the bloodstream and store it in the liver or convert and store it as body fat. Diets that are consistently high in carbohydrates cause the blood sugar levels to remain high and more and more insulin is produced in an attempt to remove the sugar. Eventually the insulin receptor sites become resitant to the insulin, and stop working. At this stage, it is called insulin resistance if this isn't corrected type 2 diabetes will occur.

Unfortunately, the impact of diabetes on health can be enormous with an increased risk of:

  • nerve damage
  • heart disease and stroke
  • kidney disease
  • dementia
  • blindness
  • amputations

It was once thought that T2D was a life long condition once diagnosed, this is no longer the case and careful dietary management can put it into remission.

If you think that you are at risk of type 2 diabetes or have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic then I can help you to make the changes that you need to control your blood sugar levels.

Men too

Everyone's health is important.

Many nutritional therapist's work focuses on women's health and that's great, but men need support too.

I live in an all male house; a husband and 3 sons (even the cat's male), I have two brothers and a dad and their health is just as important as that of my sister, my mum or myself.

Contact me if you want support to make the changes that you need to lose weight, increase energy and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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