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The Benefits of Working with a Nutritional Therapist


Are you bloated? Constipated? Are you fed up and embarrassed?

Do you know that certain foods don't agree with you?

Digestive disorders are more common than you think and yet some simple testing and changes to what and how your are eating can alleviate symptoms.


Are you using sugar or caffeine to get you through the day? Do you have energy slumps mid-morning/mid-afternoon?

So many people don't have the energy they need in order to fully enjoy life and the causes may not be obvious.

By working with me we can identify the reasons behind your low energy and change your diet to one that will sustain your energy levels through the day, banishing fatigue and letting you get on with living.

Weight loss

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I can help you to learn how to eat right for you to lose weight as well as addressing any underlying issues (digestive or hormonal for example) that may be making weight loss difficult

I can help you to lose weight in a sustainable manner.

It is not a quick fix diet, it is re-assessing the way you eat for life.


PMS, low energy, depression and weight gain may all be symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Changing the foods you eat and when you eat may gently restore and rebalance your hormone levels.

Men too

Everyone's health is important.

Many nutritional therapist's work focuses on women's health and that's great, but men need support too.

I live in an all male house; a husband and 3 sons (even the cat's male), I have two brothers and a dad and their health is just as important as that of my sister, my mum or myself.

NutriJen Health & Nutrition

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