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Is your body telling you that your older than you think?

You are no longer jumping out of bed to greet the day.

Perhaps you're feeling sluggish mid morning/mid afternoon, knees are aching, middle age spread is spreading and goodness knows what's going on with your digestion. Maybe you have specific health issues but doctor's tests come back normal.

I can help you get the spring back in your step, whether its digestive issues, fatigue, hormones or weight gain that is the main issue.

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NutriJen are you feeling sluggish

Working with me

If you are ready to make the positive changes that you need to nourish your body but don't know where to start then I can help.

With one to one support I offer programmes based on real foods that are personalised to you and based on your own goals. Using the principles of Functional Medicine I take into account your own health issues and lifestyle constraints to bring balance between eating and living healthily with the demands of daily life. I guide, support and motivate you to make the changes that you want to regain health and energy.

I can help you feel fit and fabulous after forty.

Working with me

Working with me

What my clients say

What my clients say

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To find out more contact Jennifer for a FREE 30 minute health and energy assessment and learn how nutritional therapy can help you be fit and fabulous after forty!

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